Crocheted Mittens and Socks

Third in the series of old yarnish projects I had up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site. Links to project pages and patterns as applicable, below the pictures.

Crocheted “glittens” (fingerless gloves that convert into mittens). Matched a kitty cat hat, for a friend. I do find this ideal ridiculously useful and am going to make a pair for myself by next winter.


Elbow-length fingerless gloves, so everything stays warm even when you need your fingers free for detailed work. Ribbon trim at top can be tightened as needed.


Rainbow socks, for a friend who requested socks before I had learned to knit. Unfortunately, this was before I knew that self-striping yarn didn’t work for crochet 🙂 I hope he got a laugh out of them when they appeared in his mailbox!


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