Sarong Mixed Media Dress, Take Two.

A couple years ago, I threw together a couple items in my closet to make a purple sarong minidress. It was promptly borrowed by a purple-loving friend and has since gotten misplaced somewhere during the big move. Besides being fun and colorful, it was also a very comfortable and easy-to-wear sundress. The tank top had a built-in bra and the skirt was silky soft from years of washing, so you could really just throw it on and be out the door in seconds. I finally dug up my fabric stash and was delighted to find a handful of sarongs at the bottom of the box. The first thing I set about doing was creating another mixed media dress to lounge in as these ever-lengthening summer days come upon us.

I made a few adjustments from my last dress. The skirt now sits at the natural waist, rather than the lowered empire waist of the previous version. this makes it slightly lower than mid-thigh on me and perfectly acceptable as a dress rather than a tunic. Instead of letting the skirt bunch in random gathers like the previous dress, I spaced out a series of loose inverted pleats to give the dress a more even fullness. The bow at the back is now adjustable and can be untied, unlike the decorative bow in the former version. Pardon the bunching at the back — the dress is one size larger than the form and it’s a pain to change sizes just for a quick snapshot. It fits perfectly fine on me, which is the main point šŸ™‚

My materials, before the conversion. Now, to work on the other two sarongs…

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