Pin There, Done That: Lampshades in the Dishwasher


This is the after picture of my kitchen ceiling lamp, probably the most used light in the house. It really is a shame I didn’t take a picture of this thing before I removed it for cleaning. It had been hanging there for almost two years, accumulating a thick layer of dust and dead fly carcasses. It was pretty gross. Nobody really wanted to wipe it down or even touch it. Happily, it was one of the first things on my list to clean when I started maternity leave. I had found a nearly hands-free way to wash that sucker, courtesy of Pinterest, you see.


One run-through in the top drawer of the dishwasher on gentle cycle and it was squeaky clean! I just used my regular detergent, since I don’t anticipate doing this often enough to damage any special coatings. This will probably be more of a twice-a-year sort of thing, since it involves my having to climb onto chairs to get to the lamps. Most of the shades I’d do this with are pretty sturdy, so there’s no danger of damage from temperature changes and the like.

Verdict? Definitely worth repeating. Did I mention no more disgusting fly carcasses?


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