Crocheted scarves, a retrospective.

Most people learn to crochet from their mother or grandmother. I was taught by a friendly midwestern girl on the set of the godawful 2001 comedy “Bubble Boy“, during a week-long wedding sequence. Yeah, we had a lot of spare time. The only two memories I really have of that shoot are (1) learning to crochet and (2) being mooned by . The crocheting has served me much better in life, overall.

I originally had all my old projects up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site, but decided to just keep it simple with tags this time. After all, they each have their own entry on my Ravelry account already, so why repeat myself? Links to project pages and patterns as applicable, below the pictures.


My Bruin Game Day Scarf, based on the original Harry Potter house scarves. Done in UCLA colors and worn to football games. Good times.


A Baby Blue Fluffler, notable mostly for nostalgic reasons. It was pretty much my first try at making anything wearable.


A Purple Homespun Scarf, to match the hat I made for one of my best friends.


The Gryffindor house scarf, Sorceror’s Stone edition. With bonus miniature version 🙂


The Purple Beribboned Scarf with rosette, made to match the cloche. Also for my purple-loving friend.


A light blue tassel scarf to match the Fraggle hat, also made for a friend.


The Gryffindor house scarf, Prisoner of Azkaban edition. Actually made a handful of these for various friends.


Happy rainbow scarves, another Christmas project.


And one of my favorites, which I keep on meaning to make for myself one of these days, a rosetted scarflet choker, inspired by one seen at Urban Outfitters.




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