I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Ghoul.


He appeared out of nowhere on a lazy January evening, and forever changed the way we would see ghouls.

Well, okay, let me rephrase that.

1. We’re not entirely sure if it’s a he or a she, it’s hard to tell when everything’s rotted off. The undead are funny that way.
2. I suppose that to be more accurate, it appeared out of a handful of corpse dust. Or possibly one of our dead guildies.
3. It was only lazy that evening because a good percentage of the raid spent part of the time wiping the floor with their faces. Sigh.

But anyways!

Other ghouls had come and gone, but none capture our imaginations — and hearts — as much as… Bonegobbler.

It’s true! Our poor GM (who summoned BG) didn’t hear the end of all the giggling and bad innuendo for a full five minutes.

It was a memorable night of feasting, dancing and sworn promises.

1. Great feasts!
2. Plague Quarter DDR! As our old buddy Noth put it, that’s one rockin’ “slime and crap filled dance studio.”
3. And promises of “Oooh, my bad. Won’t do that again…”

Unfortunately, it all ended as most torrid affairs do, with a violent breakup.

(I believe Bonegobbler actually exploded, if we’re being accurate.)

We thought we’d never see our favorite ghoul again. Then, earlier this month, shock of shocks! BG was spotted in the company of another guild death knight!


Was this a ploy to gain attention? A minionage of convenience? Was Bamf merely a rebound toy? The rumors flew.


Happily, as of this past weekend, all that swept under the rug. BG and our GM have decided to start seeing each other again. They claim it’s an on-again-off-again thing, because they both need some space. Still, we are glad that they have worked out their differences and can enjoy one another’s company once again. Ah, spring love.


  1. my dk has had a bonegobbler a few times! i love it *snicker*

    • Hee. A close second favorite of mine is “Dirtface”. I haven’t actually seen him, unfortunately, only heard second hand rumor of his existence. You gotta love random name generators 🙂

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