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Hmm. I’ve decided to change the name of my film projects category from “Hollywooded” to “Last Looks”, in recognition of the fact that I am no longer confined to one city for my costuming ventures. Whee! (And no, we didn’t have that many costumes for this particular film, thankfully. It’s rare that an entire project’s worth can fit on one rail, so I had to take a picture to chronicle it.)


The comfy little studio we shot at earlier this week. The notes for this post say that I’m supposed to talk here about the fashiony-costumey stuff that I’ve been doing while out here on my latest project. However, I think that’s best saved for a big wrap-up post after this whole thing is done so I can summarize and put it in an more appealing narrative format. I’m also supposed to post pictures, but there aren’t really that many of those other than the standard boring continuity ones, which get tossed in the portfolio folder only after a project is close to finishing post production. So instead, I will post really random photos and ramble a bit.

Almost exactly a decade ago, I flew out to western Pennsylvania to spend the better part of a month working on my first full-length feature. I was, randomly enough, doing makeup at the time. That made things sort of confusing for a while, because it became my first IMDb entry and people wondered what I was up to with all the department-hopping. It was a year of firsts, really — I was just starting to find work as a crew member, had never been further than a day’s drive from my parents’ house in Orange County, and was just getting involved in my first serious (but very questionable) relationship. That project became memorable not so much for the film itself (I never even saw a finished version of it), but for what I ended up learning about myself, other people, and life in general. Amusingly enough, there was wishful speculation back then of moving far away and possible finding work doing that sort of thing in London.

Given the funny way that life spirals back around, here I am again spending the better part of a month away from home (this time, in Finland) at the beginning of the next stage of my life. Leaving behind a decade’s worth of crazy Hollywood tales to start over in another show business town and see where this road leads. In a place that once was classified as just this side of fictional. Here on another independent feature, though this time in a much more suitable department. Still annoyed with the long-distance relationship part of these trips, but greatly assuaged by the existence of Skype and knowing there’s a welcoming home and family to come back to. So many more things worked out now, and yet so many echoes of that first experience. Being able to see everything with new eyes, while still being able to work with the assuredness of experience is really trippy. I keep on having these dazed out-of-body moments, wondering what that much younger version of me would think of where I am now. How she might have imagined the destination but never the convoluted path I took.

Having somebody apologize for how London wasn’t Hollywood earlier this month was just plain hilarious and wrong, somehow. If it ever became that way, where would I escape to then?


What happens when you put the hot water dispenser in a room with no ventilation. Instant sauna!

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