So here I am, staring at the computer and wondering what I am going to write about. I have a few posts in draft stage but they need a bit more experimentation and kitchen work before they are ready. Then I happen to turn and look at the bottle I’m swigging from. “Huh. That works.” So this post comes into existence.

This is Pommac. It is a golden-colored fizzy soft drink that tastes like the love child of Dr. Pepper and ginger ale. There are definite notes of apple and grapey-berry in there, but it is unlike any other soft drink that exists in the States. It’s less sweet, for one thing — more on the dry ginger ale end of the spectrum than the syrupy cola end — which makes it great for calming the stomach when you’re feeling under the weather.


Pardon the nearly empty bottle — like I mentioned above, I didn’t think of writing about this until I was nearly done consuming it 🙂 I’ve always been a fan of ginger ales, root beers, sarsaparilla, and whatnot, so this fell easily enough into the same category.

Pommac is manufactured by Hartwall, one of Finland’s largest beverage manufacturers.  They inform us that Pommac is the oldest soft drink still being manufactured in Finland, having started in the 1930s, and that it is still in the country’s top ten most popular soft drinks. Take that, Coke! This stuff was originally marketed as being an upscale soft drink, because the concentrate used to make it is aged for three months in oak barrels to make it all wine-like. Wiki tells me that Dr. Pepper actually tried to market it in the US for a while in the 60s, but didn’t have too much luck because Americans don’t like change. Big surprise there.


  1. I love reading your blog because it makes me think about all the stuff that’s familiar to me in a whole new way!

    I think in many cases Pommac is also used as a non-alcoholic option when toasting at parties, like graduation parties and such. I know it was when I graduated high school. :))

    • Well, thank you! 😀 I have lots of fun sharing as well!

      As for the Pommac, I figured it was filling the same role that ginger ale or sparkling apple cider filled for our graduation parties. It falls into the same general beverage description and is even the same color. Being not much of an alcohol fan, it suits me just fine!

  2. I miss Pommac from the 1960s! How can I order it? I live in the States. Thanks!

    • Alas, I think it never quite caught on in the States so was discontinued ages ago. You might be able to have it ordered from a Scandinavian specialty store, however, since it’s still very common out here and would be easy enough to import along with anything else they’re stocking!

  3. As a child I loved pommac soft drinks .I was raised in a small community in Pulaski County Kentucky just northwest of Somerset Ky. The community was called Rocklick and the nearset country store was 5 miles away which is were I got the first pommac soda that ever I drink . I have looked the country over for some of the old bottles without any luck. I am interested in ordering some of this drink….Can anyone help ??? JMV

    • Pommac is popular in Finland but it is and always has been a Swedish soft drink. Maybe Ikea could start selling it in the States?

      • I’m sure lots of people in the States would be delighted to have access to it — that actually sounds like a great idea! Looking at Wikipedia, I see that it was originally made in Sweden, yes. I didn’t really pay that much attention to its popularity the last couple of times I was in Stockholm, however — is it used at almost every party there as well? I just know that Hartwall is a Finnish company, so it is made here?

  4. Where in the USA can u get pommac I love this drink diamondbackster@gmail.com

    • Hey there! To be honest, I have no clue where one would get in the States, since I no longer live there! It seems to be nonexistent in online stores, much to my surprise. I did, however, find it on Amazon UK, so you could always try that if cost isn’t an issue.

    • Yes, John, myself as well…I can remember it from back in 1964 – 68 as a kid..It was sold for only a few years owing to poor sales. I remember it was dispensed out of the old glass bottle vending machines that had a door you had to open and pull out your bottle…It seems I was one of only a few kids that liked its taste..I’m sure that most American kids preferred sweeter and brighter colored soda pops….Sadly though, as per above, John, I believe our chances of finding it here, (USA), are nil…

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