Pass the cheese, please.

There are days when you have brilliant flashes of metaphorical genius.

Then there are other days, when the best simile you can come up with involves… a potato.


*flashback to a couple nights ago*

Earnest Guild Hunter: I like my tree a lot! That’s why I put all my talents there.

Tired and Slightly Drugged Me: And I respect your unwavering loyalty and principles. But… think of it this way…

EGH: …?

Me: Talent trees are like… a…

EGH: …?

Me: A potato. Yes, a baked potato.

EGH: *probably wondering just what drugs I was on*

Me: Well, a potato is great on its own, right? Starchy, hearty, easy to pop in the oven after a long day. It’s the bulk of your tree, y’see? But on its own, it’s just… y’know, a hot potato.

EGH: *fidgets and looks to the sky*

Me: Now, if you sprinkle in some stuff from the other trees to complement that foundation of potato — like some BM (let’s call that the bacon bits) and some Survival (that’s probably the shredded cheese and sour cream) and… what are the chives?

EGH: *blinks*

Me: Right. Chives are chives. Point being, with the help of some side components to accentuate your base potato, suddenly you have this wonderful new dish that you can sell at an overpriced restaurant! Mmm, DPS-y Raid Potato…

EGH: Umm… thanks?


Not a faithful transcript, by any means, but close enough 😉

Hmm, I wonder what’s for lunch…

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