Old new hair.

I don’t know what sort of weird personality disorder this is indicative of, but I can never seem to post pictures of recent haircuts. I’ll TAKE the pictures, sure, but then they’ll usually sit for several months before I get around to showing them, by which time my hair has grown out and looks nothing like the picture. This could somehow be related to the way I will buy clothing and not wear it until a season later to avoid being too trendy. Who knows.

Anyway, these pictures are from mid-September, when I decided to cut my hair really short and get a ton of red put in. I will probably do the bright colors again, though perhaps not this year due to long-term style considerations (for this fall. ahem.) Not so sure about the short cut, though — it’s awfully handy for cold weather because I don’t feel bad about pulling any and all hats on my head, but I do prefer something that I can tie up in fun styles over the summer. Am still considering what I will do for this spring, and am leaning towards just a slight layering trim and bangs, to make the growing-out phase more comfortable. So in about half a year, you’ll actually see the results 😉


  1. flattering!

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