Frankencloset: Purple Sarong Mixed Media Dress


So you know that giant pile of clothes I haven’t worn for more than four years? Yeah, they’ve got something coming to them. The recent t-shirt makeovers just kinda got me to pull out all my equipment and muster up a bit of energy. Yesterday, I started sorting through stuff and matching them together for a few more projects. The result of one is depicted above. Mixed media dresses (pairing a stretchy knit with a woven) have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past year, so why not play with that? Before and after behind the cut.


An old purple tank top with a shelf bra, from Old Navy. Like, seriously old. A little under a decade old. With this white stain across the middle front left that won’t wash out. Very much in need of either retirement or a new direction in life.


An old sarong, circa 2003, a souvenir from my parents’ trip to Malaysia. I have about four of these, actually, none of which I use anymore. While they made great cover-ups for swim wear when I could wrap it around my waist a little under two times, I’ve since gained a few sizes and they don’t cover nearly as much as I’d like. So they’ve been sitting on a shelf in all their colorful glory.

No documentation of actual work involved because it was a lot of pinning and experimenting on the whim. I ended up going for a simple renovation — cut the sarong in half lengthwise and made it into a short gathered skirt. Removed the tie straps and converted them into an empire waistline sash. Tank top became a nice, stretchy empire bodice.


To be worn as a tunic top or minidress, since it ends at about mid-thigh. I might do it with a pair of jeans or some dark leggings. That waist sash looks a bit more bunched up on the dress form than it does when I wear it because she’s several sizes smaller than me 🙂 It stretches really nice, though, thanks to the spandexy top and gathered skirt.


There was a bit of tail left after I attached the sash, so I tied it in a tiny bow to pay homage to its former, simpler life as a no-seams-just-ties garment. Fun, breezy, colorful. Also, very soft and comfy from years of washing and wearing. Yay for Frankencloset!

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