That Confusing Double Sweater


Last up in my sweater show-and-tell lineup (for now) is Sleeping on Snow’s Fisherman’s Companion Sweatercoat, which was my big Anthro splurge from this past December. Yes, there is definitely a pattern here — I typically only find must-have-now items in Anthro’s  autumn/winter collections. Probably because their choices for outerwear are always so pretty and different. Anyway, this sweater makes me smile because everybody who has seen me in it automatically asks if they should be turning up the heaters, before I explain to them that it’s just one sweater made to look layered. Yeah, it’s kinda fun. It actually is a thick garment, but isn’t particularly chunky since there is only one real layer — it’s great to snuggle in around the house and can be worn as an outer coat for a quick run out to the market. You can’t help but feel comforted in a sweater like this. The shawl collars can be flipped up when you wear it under a winter coat and do the same job that a scarf would normally do. The only thing that I (and quite a few others, from seeing the reviews) found annoying was that the designers didn’t extend the oatmeal-colored undercoat panel to the back half of the coat, so the hem has two different levels when you look at the coat from the side. However, I’ll probably just grab some matching yarn the next time I’m in town and knit up a quick strip of ribbing to add on the back, so it’s not too huge a deal.

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