The All-Purpose Cardigan


“Greatest Hits: Sweaters That Make Me Happy” theme continues! This is pretty much my LBD of cardigans. I got it back in autumn of ’09, mostly because it was on sale and had ruffles. Since then, it has been worn over fancy dresses and jeans, under winter coats and hoodies, and even does well solo (well, maybe with a tank top underneath). It’s just so streamlined and simple without being plain and boring. Small ruffles, handy pockets, shiny gold buttons and ridiculously soft fabric. Haven’t found anything to match its usefulness since, though I’m constantly looking. And will probably reproduce something similar, once I get my knitting skills up to speed. What perhaps surprised me the most, though, is that this was a Juicy Couture production — a brand that I typically avoid like the plague since their clothes tend to be either too over the top or a too casually grungy for my taste. Sadly, I think this classic vintage look lasted for only one collection.

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