Red Riding Hood

Moving right along with my “Greatest Hits: Sweaters That Make Me Happy” theme of the moment, another item from that same Anthropologie December 2009 batch. The Juxtaposed Sweater Jacket in red. Another felted wool number that works perfectly for mild winters. This one doesn’t really do well under jackets, because of all the cabling, bobbling and ruffling, so it pretty much only made a couple of appearances last year during our very short autumn season. It’s proving to be great for chilly spring mornings now, though, and the very bright true red definitely combats the greyness of fog and drizzly rain. Once again, crazy detailing and nice construction (as well as the intention to stock up my outerwear collection for the impending move to Nordic climes) made me able to justify getting this one at full price. One thing that particularly endears this sweater to me? It seems to be perfectly made for more petite body types — I’m rather short-waisted and not particularly lengthy in any areas (hi, Asian genetics), so the arms on my jacket actually reach to my hands like any normal cuff. This is usually not the case and I spend a lot of time rolling up cuffs on many other off-the-rack garments. So I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. Surprise turned into mild hilarity when I saw some other (taller) reviewers having issues with how the sleeves were stopping well above their wrists and giving the entire thing a cropped appearance. Sorry, but I have to take my giggles where I can get them — I’m sure other vertically challenged individuals will sympathize.

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