Sweaters loved and lost.

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You know that purple wool pullover I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks? The one I’ve aptly named the What Could Go Wrong sweater? After getting more than halfway through this past weekend, I had to completely frog it and start over because I seriously messed up the neck hole (no, really — did something weird and turned it into a keyhole… and didn’t notice until four rows later). Why didn’t I just pull it apart past the neck, you ask? Because I had knitted the whole thing so tight that the yarn shrunk back in on itself and I couldn’t pick up the stitches using even the smallest needle size without having the next three loops disappear 🙁 Lesson learned. (PS. Yes, I am using my new Knit Pro circulars with purple acrylic needles and a purple cord. Completely coincidental, but the color coding is kinda hilarious.)

I started over this past Monday, making sure to knit a lot looser this time. The good news is that I’m 1/2 done with the front again (it’s going a lot faster now that I know what I’m doing and what to look for), and this time around it looks a lot more uniform and neater, since my hands have learned a lot since I first picked up needles two weeks ago. Fingers crossed that I’ll have something wearable by Easter, which was the original deadline in my head for this thing.

To make myself feel slightly better about this minor sweater mishap, I’ve decided to post some pictures of my favorite sweater purchases over the last few years. This should also help remind me why I’m spending so much time and energy doing all of this — so I can start designing and making all the pretty stuff in my head. And, y’know, not pay as much for all the stuff I see in the catalogs. Hey, learning patternmaking has kept me from impulse-buying tons of dresses and blouses over the past decade, so it might work.

Click for bigger versions, because the details are super cute. Sparrow’s Cape Coat Cardigan was one of my outerwear purchases in December of 2009 and I still adore it. It was perfect on its own for mild-but-soggy California winters and fit very well (once the cape was removed) under thicker coats when we did our holiday Finland visit. I’m using it more as an autumn/spring jacket now that I’ve got a larger array of outerwear choices, but it still makes me happy seeing this in the coat rack. The color is quite unique — a mustardy-gold just starting to turn to olive green and the felted wool is utterly soft and non-itchy. Details such as the long ribbing on the lower arm, cute contrast lining, roomy pockets, detachable cape and shapely back seaming made it worth paying full Anthro price (which I probably only do on a couple of items a year). Like most of the stuff I tend to fall for, the shape is not entirely modern, but not particularly dated (though with a definite dash of historical influence), which means it will hopefully be usable for a long time to come.

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