WIP-y weekend.

Seems everything around me at the moment is half finished. Probably because I’ve thrown myself into a pile of larger projects with no instant gratification in sight. Boo.


First, the saga of the purple yarn. I bought a few skeins of this pretty lavender wool to make my first full-sized knit project with, y’see. Then I started working on what should have been a simple eternity scarf pattern which went horribly wrong. Wrong beyond the possibility of fixing — as in, there were checkerboard spots where there were suppose to be stripes wrong. Luckily, I had only done perhaps 10 rows at that point, so it was frogged.


Upon starting over, I decided that I might as well dive right in and do the one thing that I’d learned knitting to do — make clothing. It took a while to track down a pattern simple enough for an utter beginner to try, but that was accomplished. The thing is, I know myself well enough to understand that this huge burst of obsessive energy at the beginning of learning something new will only last for so long. So why not use it for a big project that would otherwise inch along for months, buried beneath a pile of fifty other projects, once the shiny novelty of knitting wears off?


To my delight, this time the pattern actually worked. After just a couple inches of the front panel, it was obvious that all the measurements would work out just fine. Sure, this sweater will probably end up rather lumpy and homely due to my irregular n00b stitching, but it’ll be wearable and it’ll be MINE.


As of Monday morning, I have 1/3 of the front done and should reach the sleeves by tonight. I’m having some tension problems, it seems, because I’m rowing out here and there. It’s sporadic, though, so I’ll have to observe more closely to see what’s triggering it. It’s exciting to see a garment grow in such a neat and orderly manner, though — unlike the scary malignant tumor-type growth that the first attempt with this yarn turned out.


In other news, I stole a cardboard box from the cats’ play pile and blocked my afghan squares this weekend. This is news because I have not blocked anything since my first week of design school, when we were required to by a teacher peering over our shoulders. So the fact that my lazy butt is actually starting to block things again probably is a good sign that I might be taking this stuff seriously. Woohoo!


Neat little stack of 10 6-inch afghan sampler squares. Of course, I’ll need another 90 of these things to make the blanket I’m planning, but it’s a good start. It should be ready by next winter 😛


  1. At first glance I thought those were wooly mouse pads!

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