For the Alliance!


Last night, 35 members of Breakaway and our closest friends completed the For the Alliance! achievement in truly epic style. Thanks to the hard work of raid organizer Takarakasai, fearless tank-and-army-of-one Saladriel, Darkvail‘s small but invincible team of healers, double agent and insider scout Novaz, the mostly unerring compass-like abilities of Chaoschain, and the devious scheduling machinations of Hausen, we charged our way through four Horde cities and ended the raid sitting pretty on Black War Bears pulled from a mailbox planted on the still-warm corpse of Bloodhoof.

We began the evening by staging in front of Darnassus bank, where our growing numbers disturbed lowbie bankers and Horde spies alike. Planning the raid on a Tuesday night when almost every level 80 would already be raiding instances with their guilds, though, led to very low opposition and pretty much guaranteed our victory. It also made it more difficult to grab friends from other guilds who were also in those same instances, but we still managed to get together a very respectable number before heading out. One worry was that we only had four healers, but luckily they also happened to be some of our best ones. The generous use of warlock summoning stones and mage portals let us move our very large group across the world map with high efficiency.


We hit the cities in order of difficulty, with Orgrimmar coming first so we wouldn’t lose the element of surprise. We charged in fast, decimated the throne room with AoEs and only found token resistance in the way of a few bored PvPers. However, having not completely solidified our exit strategy, this particular kill did see several of us running off in different directions as we tried to escape without getting resurrection sickness.


We reconvened at Chillwind Camp, riding into Undercity through the sewers. Aside from a few glitches involving members being phased from previous questlines, we killed the Banshee Queen with no issues.


Meeting up at Zul’Aman, we rode into Silvermoon and took down the squishiest boss of them all in a virtually deserted city. It was so empty, in fact, that we couldn’t even get our five honorable kills to finish off the Wrath of the Alliance achievement, despite some very active searching for Horde.


Finally, we took a port to Theramore and rode in a train through the marshes and into Thunder Bluff. After a bit of a detour (hey, not even most of the Horde know that place well), we found our way to Bloodhoof and enjoyed a nice steak BBQ.


The raid roster at the completion of the achievement, with all of us milling around on our war bears. The guild chefs graciously set out 10 pigs on the Tauren greens for our post-raid luau. Congratulations, guys!

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