Show and Tell

This past week, I tried to use up leftover bits and pieces from my yarn stash by doing smaller projects.


Leftover maroon sock yarn made a fun little hairband!

And leftover yellow scarf yarn made a nifty little roll-up crochet hook mat.

Another multi-purpose project started this weekend was a stitch sampler afghan — it’s using up my leftover yarns, refreshing my rather rusty technique, teaching me new stitches, and making us a colorful blanket all at the same time! Here are my squares so far — some of them are so classically “granny” in style that I giggle looking at them.

I got the patterns for this set of blocks from HalfKnits, since they had a nice selection of less intimidating-looking squares to start with. Since I want every 6-inch square of this rather large blanket to be different, I’ll have to move on to another site soon enough, though.

In addition to learning new crochet moves, I also started knitting (for real this time!) this weekend. Making just one square with knit takes about two to three times as long as a crocheted one, gack. But really, I’m just dreading trying to figure out how to purl Continental style — I fumbled it several times without any success the first time it was demonstrated to me, so hopefully studying diagrams for a week will wedge it into my head. Fingers crossed!




  1. Oh, you’ve gotten ahead of me in learning to knit! I’ve been in the middle of this giant hat for felting for more than a week now, mainly because I took a break most of last week. Probably just as well, as my elbow and wrist were getting sore. But I haven’t even started practicing ordinary knitting stitches again yet.

    • Knitting holding the yarn in the left hand actually feels much more comfortable! Probably because so many of the actions that way are the same as crochet. I think that might have been what was tripping me up for so long when I was trying to practice before with the US style — I’d automatically switch back to crochet stance without thinking then have to keep correcting myself. It’s also much less strain than crochet, so partially the knitting is a way to give my hands a break without completely giving up learning. I have a deep love of sweater design and now that I’m thisclose to being able to make viable pattern pieces, I’ve gotten a bit obsessed.

  2. Oh yes, I want to make myself sweaters so badly! ThatMs my main reason for wanting to learn to knit.

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