So it all started when…

About five years ago, we brought home this grey ball of fluff from the Irvine Animal Shelter. It was friendly and purred a lot and was generally very sweet. Then, around midnight, it would morph into an energetic ball of mayhem and tear through the apartment. We didn’t get much sleep those nights. Finally, the hubby sat up one night and was like, ‘OMG, what’s WRONG with it?!?!’ To which I replied, ‘Nothing, it’s just being an amazing flying pigmonkey.’

And that kinda stuck. The flying monkey because, well, we all know how crazy and evil they are. The flying pig because… well, have you SEEN our cat?

We have two of them now. The other one is more monkey and not as much pig. Both are less active now that they’ve matured, but still active enough to wake us up earlier than we’d like in the mornings. I have my own set of blogs, but noticed that the cat pictures always seem to get the most views and circulation, so figured they might as well get a home of their own. So here you go, Misu and Coco. Don’t say I never do nothin’ for ya.

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