Because people have been asking how Daisy and Basil are. They are… fluffy. The evenings are starting to get cooler now and their coats have filled in to keep them toasty. They’ve been outside in the pens munching nonstop on fresh greens for the past 3 months and will probably get very upset when we have to bring inside for the cold season 🙁

The last two pictures are from when they first went out in May, after the spring wool harvest. You can see that Daisy (right) mostly shed hers, so has an even-looking guard coat left. Then there’s Basil (left), who was such a train wreck (seriously messy eater) that I had to give a military buzzcut to more than half his body. He was hopping around with a bare pink bunny butt for a good week 😉 As you can see, it filled in nicely!

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