A Note About Ammo.

Yes, I do know that consumable ammunition will still be in the new patch. Have known since the news broke a couple weeks ago. That post down there is from February, when nobody knew and the whole news item was fresh off the racks.

That being said, I’m still happy with what we are apparently getting. Bigger stacks of ammo and no quiver bonuses still means we get an extra bag of space. Sure, we’ll need to use a few slots for ammo — no worries, my other toons are carrying around more than their fair share of reagents taking up that same amount of bag space. And heck, being an engineer, I can’t say I’m too sorry that we’ll still be making money off of crafting ammo, right? 😉

That’s all. Don’t see what all the fuss in the forums is about. Sure, Blizz might have been a bit trigger-happy in announcing its grand sweeping plans for re-inventing hunter mechanics, but nothing is ever guaranteed until it goes live. Designers get excited and babble a little, no big. At least it means they do have the idea in their heads, eh?

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