Boomkins know where the party’s at.


Yesterday was one of those epic nights where everything seemed to come together and before we knew it, we’d spent over seven hours with the same people cleaning out multiple raid instances because we were having too much fun (or too drunk) to stop. If I was back at university, last night would have been one of those nights where we started out at the neighborhood bar, club-hopped our way down Sunset Boulevard, had an early morning dinner at Mel’s, then crashed at somebody’s place giggling until dawn. And, as luck would have it, my druid was the lucky little bird riding that particular train of giddy coolness.

We started out the night with our regularly scheduled 25-man Obsidian Sanctum. This was a nice, short warmup session done on easy 0-drake mode for the sake of bringing in as many guildies as possible to collect Emblems of Valor. We cleared it without incident, then realized that Alliance didn’t currently have Wintergrasp, so we couldn’t continue on to Archavon as our schedule usually dictates. So we split into our 10-man teams to start cleaning up previous nights’ stuff. Most notably, the rather slow Naxx run from the last night.


This is a picture of Litenin, one of our favorite pally healers, being dead after a Four Horsemen wipe. It is worth noting for a few reasons. 1 — I can almost see up his nose. I tried very hard to, but the camera wouldn’t let me get any close because the ground was in the way. 2 — Dead people are people with too much time on their hands, so they spend it trying to take pictures up their friends’ noses. I thoughtfully cropped myself out, but I am indeed just as stone cold dead right next to him. 3 — We spent a lot of time dead on Thursday night and were still stinging from that particular debacle.


This was the happy scene from last night’s team, beginning our streak of IWIN. We went in with two freshly-dinged and mediocrely-geared (one week old or so) DPS casters, two healers who’d never done the encounters, and a tank who’d never tanked those same encounters. However, the people behind the toons (despite being a bit on the intoxicated side) knew their roles, listened to instructions, and everything clicked. We did it in two tries. Of course, it helped that most of us had done the encounters before, if not in those specific roles.


Sadly, moonkin form does not hide very well. It’s a bit on the bulky and antlery side for that. Trying to drop aggro as a moonkin is equally laughable. There’s a reason why we’re given that hefty armor bonus in shapeshift form. Coming from my hunter mindset with a whole slew of aggro-management buttons, there were quite a few moments of panic when my chicken realized she was next in line to be fried.


We killed Grobbulus (one-shot), Gluth (one-shot) and Thaddius (two tries, thanks to some polarity confusion) in quick succession.


…then ambled our way over to Frostwyrm Lair where we similarly one-shotted Sapphiron with minimal frost resistance. Being a druid DPS is refreshingly different from hunter DPS — even though we’re both ranged, my druid was able to run around throwing spot heals, decurse, and battle rez while still zapping the boss. In many ways, she’s much more survivable than my hunter, aggro-management issues aside. It also meant I had no use for the damage meters, because being a utility hybrid makes it much harder to gauge your actions in a group on one number alone.


Group photos in front of large dead corpses, always in style.


We’d always heard that the bosses leading up to him were harder than the Big Bad himself, but this was the first night we got to prove it. By one-shotting Kel’Thuzad with our ragtag little band of hybrids. Go us! KT-in-1 was also a guild first, and officially puts Naxxramas-10 on farm status for our guild. More or less.


Unfortunately, a dead-body-trophy picture for KT doesn’t work very well because he’s just this dull glowy lump after he dies. He has a cool throne, though, which we got comfortable in. Novaz (our uber-tree) on the upper left, Cronollo (enhancement shammy) on the upper right, Robsagat (uber-tree-in-training) standing on the throne, Anoela (boomkin-in-training) sitting on the throne, Astheenos (prot warrior) standing on the pedestal to the left, Takarakasai (survival hunter with a new bumpy bucket head) standing next to him, Celletar (our favorite dead rogue) standing to the right, and Hausenhealz (elemental shammy) sitting at the bottom. Chaaso (our prot pally) was still distributing loot and Litenin (our holy pally) had run back to the city for some reason or the other. Pallys are apparently camera-shy. Seven hybrid classes (3 druids, 2 shammys and 2 pallys) = crazy good versatility, plenty of emergency healing and multiple forms of death recovery. It was an awesome group.


Not being quite ready to call it a night, we then decided to hop over to Obsidian Sanctum and pick up some free loot there, courtesy of squishy dragons. We switched out a few people who’d been saved, then sat down to a nice five course meal of… pig. Lots of pig. Courtesy of our guild chefs, who are mowing their merry culinary swath through Northrend wildlife while leveling their skills. Note that watching a tree, a giant chicken, and two space goats eating copious amounts of pig is strange, to say the least. Don’t think about it too hard, though. In fact, that might have been our motto for the night.


After the dragons, it was well past bedtime for most of the east coasters. A little band of us continued onwards into the wee hours, though, since we just needed a few more emblems to buy goodies from the Dalaran vendors. We hit the daily heroic, Culling of Stratholme. Our chefs presented us with a hideous 2-headed mutant pig feast. We were too drunk and sleepy to care and still ate it.


…and we scrambled for the goody box before the bosses were done talking.

My druid came away from last night with five new epic items, including the boomkin tier-7 leggings, substantial upgrades to her ring and trinket slots, and healing staff for her upcoming dual spec set. She was also able to buy a pretty necklace with that newly-earned stack of emblems. A very nice haul, indeed, with the bonus of no hangover in the morning!

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