State of the Druid

I’ve been leveling my druid recently, to help combat the healer shortage that our guild (and most guilds, I’d wager) is feeling right now. Of course, leveling a druid as resto would still be annoying even with the new spell power changes, so she was respecced to balance the minute she landed on Northrend. Which was sad, since she’d worked so hard on her healing gear, but also cool in that it’s been ages since I’ve been able to play around with all the toys that boomkins get.

From tree to laser chicken in 1 minute.

Of course, leaving resto behind meant putting on some stuff that I’d rather not think about. Thank goodness we can turn helms off, because there are some things that you just don’t want to turn around and see when you’re in a crowded room. Like that ugly-as-sin ZA caster helm there. *facepalm* And she didn’t even get another upgrade until the middle of level 74, when I finally remembered to pillage the guild bank for a pretty caster robe. She’ll be going to Dragonblight and some of the mid-level zones soon, though, so fingers crossed for a major wardrobe change in the near future.

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