Fall Fashion Preview

Wasn’t it just a week ago I did one of these? Wow, leveling goes fast.

My pally has learned how to wear plate armor! How one can “learn” this is something I still question, but any opportunity to shop is a good one, I always say. So my mains dutifully forwarded her a generous wardrobe fund so she could be outfitted in the most current gaudily-colored greens available. The result, I must say, is rather disappointing. Maybe it’s to differentiate plate from mail, but those pants definitely make her look very heavy around the thighs. Most distressing. Luckily, when she becomes holy at 70, she will probably be wearing a robe to cover those up. That cloak is awful nice, though — reminds me of one that my hunter was using in her early level 70 career. The blue boots completely destroy the muted-tone theme, so hopefully those will be replaced soon by some nice quest drop. I can always dream.

anoela_lvl70_091608 9705_original

If my druid didn’t totally scream “healer” before, she most certainly does now! That rather colorful dress is a ZA priest robe, and the bigass mace is a drop from Maiden. This means that after approximately a month of raiding, my resto druid has only one blue item left. Her bonus healing is currently at 1761 unbuffed and rising. I’m still boggling over this.

Last but not least, my hunter has finally switched out her trusty Khorium Champion, the warrior sword with insanely good hit rating that she’d been wearing for half a year. A great fist weapon dropped in ZA which she simply couldn’t resist, so she’s gone back to dual-wielding after all this time. She’s currently using the Aldor rep sword until something better comes along. I’m still debating whether or not to put a shirt on her, since the tabard pretty much covers up the belly most of the time.

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