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Yet another of my “stand back and boggle at their wardrobe” posts 🙂

Can’t say that the last five levels have been kind to my poor pally. I had a hint of this back when I saw the horrid things my boy’s warrior was constantly finding himself in, but it’s still a shock when you have to see it on your own toon. Sigh. The stats are great, but that hauberk is probably the single biggest motivator for level 30s to get a tabard. Even if they don’t belong to a guild. But at least it covers up her chest and actually *looks* like armor, rather than something from the Vicky’s Secret swimsuit edition for blacksmiths. The crown is kind of cute and matches the leggings. All in all, it could be worse. Doesn’t mean I won’t be happy to get her into some plate, but this look could grow on me for a while. Kind of like a benevolent fungus.

anoela_lvl70_082708 anoela_lvl70_091608

Three cheers for No More Dead Bird Head! Given, it has been replaced by T4 antlers which are probably just as likely to upset animal welfare organizations, but what’s a druid to do? She’s still wearing an awful lot of cloth, which explains the colorful blue and purple scheme. Apparently, Blizzard decided that priests liked their clothing to be as bright and noticeable as possible, so they could be easily targeted in large groups. Or maybe it’s just that they figured robes would be covering them anyway, so they could go wild on the pants. Kind of like men who wear boxer shorts with cartoon animals on them. Either way, I’ll be trying to exchange this getup for a more subdued and druid-appropriate getup as it becomes available. Still, she’s only got 4 or 5 non-epic items left after a couple weeks in Kara, which is really rather impressive. Her gearing curve is definitely proving to be way faster than my poor hunter’s.

And speaking of my hunter… yeah, she’s pretty much done. Character auditors are pegging her as geared to the middle of Black Temple and that’s fine by me, since I don’t think she’s going to be visiting Illy before the expansion. Everything matches pretty well — a nice, subtle dark-grey-and-gold color scheme with a splash of red on her cloak edging for flavor. I had a bit of mental turmoil over using those PvP shoulders, since it seems like every hunter and their mother is running around in them these days, but practicality won out in the end. They’re not as ugly as the previous season’s green monstrosities, at least. Those I just refused to touch with a ten foot pole, period. So yes, my hunter is the first of my toons to be all-epics, as of this past weekend. Now semi-retired to farming and badge raids, until the expansion. I feel so accomplished, yay!

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