Full clear! Kara, concluded.

We started late again, which was perfectly fine because I was still running around trying to restock my consumables for the night’s adventure. We’d been told to read up on the fight over the weekend, but I was still surprised to see that almost everybody did indeed do it. It was a refreshing change after having been in a few too many groups where people ran in without the slightest idea what was what and just expected to have their hands held. While I know that experience is the best teacher, I also believe that studying up will keep you from looking completely clueless. Or maybe I’m just too much of a research junkie. Landing in a guild with similar-minded folk makes me happy, though.

So yes, armed with all the diagrams, videos, and tips we got from the helpful WoW community, we marched back in for our date with a big, boney lizard. Our first try got him down to 24%, the second time 22%. Our third try doesn’t count because it was something of a flukey flub. We got him down the fourth. It really was just a matter of anticipating the phases and perfecting our choreography after the first round. Then lo, there was a giant pile of smoking bones at our feet and (shock of shocks) more of that ever-present purple caster/healer gear to be distributed. (Yeah, I went into this dungeon know full well that I’d probably only be farming badges, since it’s not the most hunter-friendly of places. Especially when you have luck like mine.)


Nightbane? Down! “Kara has been cleaned!”

Did I mention that in addition to this being my first Kara experience, let alone first full clear, it was the guild’s first full clear? Gleeful, I say. Yeah, karma is good. 😀

The group, being in high spirits at this point, voted to conclude the evening with a field trip to Zul’Aman. With time left to spare and half a flask still ticking down, the boy and I jumped at the opportunity. Hitching a flight from gloomily desolate Deadwind to the humid jungle depths of Ghostlands, we rang a gong and killed a bear god.


Fluffy-yet-rabid Nalorakk? Bit it.

Well, there was more to it than that, of course. At least a handful of us had never seen the place before so the fights got a little messy as we figured things out. I, for one, learned that I need to devote an hour or two to making some better raid macros. We kind of jumped over Gruul and Magtheridon, so the content was just a tad harder than what we had just completed. There was probably a miniscule chance that we’d actually complete the timed run on our first try, but it was definitely a good scouting mission. And dude, a 20-slot bag for killing him! That not only added 2 slots to my on-character bags, but meant that I could replace the 14-slotter in my bank with my old Imbued Netherweave, resulting in a net gain of 6 slots! Packrat joy!

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