A hockey scarf and cat hat.

I started crocheting again last week. Picking it up again reminds me of many things — crazy times as a senior at UCLA (the last time I went on a huge crocheting binge), how tired my fingers can get, and and how much I love yarn. Also, that I need to keep a much closer eye on my gauge/tension! These were the first two projects I completed. Click on picture for a Ravelry link that will take you to more details.


A scarf done in T’s favorite hockey team colors.

A hat and glittens set dedicated to our favorite giant ball of orange fluff.



  1. I looooove the hat and mittens! SO CUTE!

  2. SQUEE!! I love the hat and mits!

    • Thank you! This has been an absolutely favorite of mine since I made the first set years ago. I do plan on making my own set when I have the time, but am still undecided as to the color scheme. Am very tempted to go calico, though the color changing throughout would mean working with at least four balls of yarn going at the same time. Just imagine if a cat dived into the middle of that 😉

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