And the coat spree continues…

Yet another in my coat-and-cardi wish list post series, partially spurred on my friend Karen’s similar obsession with outerwear. I do regularly go through online websites and pull photos of pretty stuff for my own files anyway, so it’s rather fun to share them with people at the same time. Went with Nordstrom today, because it was always the first place my mother would take me whenever I needed an article of clothing for one event or another. Shopping there always reminds me of her. Also, because I have a great fondness for Nanette Lepore and Elie Tahari, both of which I usually manage to find there for very decent prices. In a nod to K, this set definitely seems to be leaning towards the prettified military look that’s been sweeping the racks lately. Mmm, buttons and stand collars.


  1. You are killing me with these!!

  2. I’ve gotten some sweet outerwear from here before:

    • LOL! That is TOTALLY an Asian-run store. It’s funny how you can tell from just the clubby clothing selection and certain styles. They do have some pretty coats! I see these guys are based in Hong Kong. Funny that they announce they’ve got Korean stuff — the Koreans really are coming out with some majorly trendy stuff these days. I love Japanese stores in particular, though, because they tend to carry a lot of pieces with complicated construction that are just a bit beyond what Western stores would be comfortable trying to market. The Asian view of fashion in general is just so much more about visual display. They’re much more aware of the link between what you wear and how you’re perceived, which a lot of sweatpant-wearing Westerners would like to ignore. Which is ridiculous, of course, since it’s completely human trait and irrespective of place or time.

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