Some autumnal window-shopping.

Yesterday’s post got me in the mood to look at more outerwear, so I swung by one of my favorite places to shop in the autumn, the US Anthropologie site. They always have such a pretty collection of coats and sweaters — even if the prices are sometimes a bit on the steep side, they’re great for inspiration. I haven’t made a jacket from scratch since design school, but I probably will get around to it one of these days, when I’m in the mood for doing something with finicky tailoring. Sadly, the European Anthro site always seems to be a bit behind and more selective in their offerings, so it’s somewhat hit or miss whether I’ll get a chance to actually order these once they’re available more locally. That is one thing about living away from a major metropolitan area — I sort of miss not being able to zip down to the local store and try on the items I see on the computer the same day. Meh. I don’t miss the air pollution, though 😛


  1. These are SWEET! I particularly love the asymmetrically-buttoned brown one. I confess to having a coat/jacket addiction. I have more than I could ever use, but if I see a new cute one I snap it up. One of my faves is a green organic cotton one I got at Cotton Ginny a couple of years ago. It’s soft as anything, fits like a glove, and has gorgeous carved wooden buttons.

    • Yes, I especially have my eye on that brown cardigan and the pink striped coat — both of them aren’t available on this side of the Atlantic yet, but I hope to grab them the minute they land. I feel justified because I’m still building my cold weather wardrobe 😉

      I’m totally there with you, though — I have a severe coat/jacket addiction, which was a pretty ridiculous thing to have back when I was living in SoCal. I’d buy them on a whim, maybe get to wear each maybe once if I was lucky and the weather was cooperating, then would end up selling them after a while because it was all so hopeless. I sold a whole batch of gorgeous vintage coats a couple of years ago and now I’m really sad because some of them would have been PERFECT here. I even had a few full-length suede deals with mongolian lamb trim, embroidery and the whole 60’s bit. Sigh. Just gives me more reason to shop in search of replacements, I guess…

      PS. When are you going to get a camera so you can share all the pretty stuff you talk about, anyway? 😛

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