Wedding blues.

Currently have the Swedish royal wedding on the television, at the boy’s request. Am highly disappointed by Victoria’s dress — I think I saw the same thing at David’s Bridal a few weeks ago. It’s one of those “available to alter and have home by Friday!” types. No, actually, I take that back. That combination of the off-the-shoulder band of fabric with the additional little cap sleeves *under* it? Probably last seen in the mid 90’s. In junior high.

Am I being cruel? Yeah, probably. But only because she could have done so much better. Especially given the apparently controversial amount of money that was spent on the shindig. That wide top band is making her shoulders look huge and the additional high waistline and middle band is sectioning her into awkward little satin slices. Sigh. It was supposed to highlight the Swedish fashion industry, not make it cringe.

There are more interesting choices amongst the various older ladies in the pews, quite honestly. I’m really digging Lime Green Granny in the front row there (the boy just informed me that was Queen MargretheĀ of Denmark) because… well she’s wearing formal length shiny lime green in the front row. I bet her wedding dress wasn’t boring. (It wasn’t, by the way — it’s this lace Tudor-looking confection with an insane train. That pleases me so.)


  1. From now on I shall always think of the Queen of Denmark as “Lime Green Granny”.

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