Frutti di Mare Pizza

Okay, I don’t think this a restaurant review, since the only going out involved was the block that the boy had to walk to go pick up our pizzas. Still, it’s worth a shout-out because this ain’t your ordinary pizza. At least, if you’re from the States.

The first time I encountered Finnish pizza was when the boy’s family ordered several different pies one winter evening. They got the usuals — pepperoni and sausage, ham and pineapple, mussels and tuna…


Yes, mussels and tuna and shrimp. Quite possibly the most awesome seafood pizza I’ve ever encountered.

Back in Cali, even the most “creative” pizza places were only adding in shrimp. Over here, though, they’re closer to the Italian side of things and figured seafood pizza ought to have, well, more seafood. You’ve got your fish, your crustaceans and your shellfish, all in one pie. It’s called, appropriately, fruitti di mare. A staple at any pizza joint, right next to the sausage and olives.

The one photographed above came from the pizza place down the street, Koti Pizza. They’re pretty much the Finnish Pizza Hut. Before the move, the only way I could get more seafood on my pizza was to make the whole thing myself. Now, I just have to pick up the phone. Eat THAT, Papa John’s.


  1. Being a lover of seafood and of pizza, the above pic totally had me drooling. I usually make my own pizza (even though I live in Toronto’s Little Italy area), I shall most definitely have to try out a seafood version one of these days.

    • Homemade is so much fun! You can experiment as much as you please and not worry about the quality of stuff that the pizza place is using. I used to make ours all the time when I had the bread maker for the dough — my wrists can’t stand the kneading. I still mourn having to leave it behind. Will probably end up getting another pretty soon, just because it kills me to not have one.

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