Raspberry Banana Smoothie

But first, a brief moment whilst I pat myself on the back for completing the migration of seven-ish years of posts from VKFood to this blog. Save for a few misdirected links (which all point back here in the end, I believe), they all arrived intact. What a trip to see some of those really old posts and think back on what life was like back then!


Right, the smoothies. Sorry for the less-than-composed photograph – it was snapped moments before I buried my face in the glass. “Must eat” has taken on a whole new meaning in third trimester – if it weren’t for the immense dental damage that would result from my trying to jam blocks of frozen fruit into my mouth, there are times when I would have seriously skipped the blender for more instant gratification.

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes, so have had to keep a stricter eye on my diet than normal. In my case, I wasn’t actually eating an excess of carbs overall, so it wasn’t so much a case of cutting down as it was splitting things up. As long as I spread what I would usually eat evenly throughout the day to keep glucose levels smooth, life is good. Which works well enough, since shrinking real estate for my stomach has me eating smaller and more frequent (every 2-3 hours) meals anyway. Then my nurse pointed out how my daily calcium intake wasn’t ideal (dairy just wasn’t a big part of my life growing up, as I’ve mentioned in the past) and how I should really see about getting more milk in some way or another. Not being a big fan of milk on its own, smoothies were the first thing to pop in my mind. As well they might, considering I used to work at a smoothie shop in Newport Beach, back in my misspent youth. Oh, summer in California. Good times.

So I started making up a big jar/pitcher of smoothie every day, into which I tossed the majority of my daily requirements of fruit and dairy. I have a glass for each of my between-meal snacks and it’s all taken care of. No further need for calculation or preparation, everybody’s happy. I change up the flavors daily, so it never really gets boring. It’s almost like being back in university again, when days didn’t begin before a Jamba Juice or Coffee Bean run. Just thought I’d share, for all those others who might be dealing with glucose-monitoring issues.


My typical smoothie has a base of banana, milk and yogurt, on top of which additional fruit and/or flavorings are added. I sweeten with stevia, which I find to be the least offensive of sugar substitutes. In the case of the example above, there’s frozen banana, frozen raspberry (from our garden last summer), peach Greek yogurt and milk. The milk pictured is 1.5% lactose-free, our preferred variety – it’s also a tad lower in carbs than typical milk, which is a bonus. Using fruit grown at home is kinda awesome. I knew there was a reason why I froze it all. Recipe below.


The immersion blender is my friend. Blending in your container saves additional dishwashing. Besides, I don’t actually have a stand blender (yet. I’ve been eyeing the high-end Vitamix machines and might just crumble in the near future) and the blender cup attachment on my food processor has a hopeless leak.

Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Serves 3-4
Prep time 1 minute
Cook time 5 minutes
Total time 6 minutes
Allergy Milk
Dietary Diabetic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Meal type Beverage, Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Serve Cold
Raspberry banana smoothie, made gestational diabetes friendly.


  • 2 cups milk (I use 1.5% lactose-free milk.)
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt (Flavored or unflavored, depending on your mood.)
  • 1.5 cups frozen raspberries (Up to 2 cups, actually. I just eyeball it.)
  • 1 Large banana (A customary smoothie base.)
  • 1 teaspoon granulated stevia (Or sweetener of your choice, to taste.)


Remember to check blood sugars to verify safe portion sizes, since everybody has different tolerance levels. This is just what works for me, and even then it's only for daytime snacks. Ostensibly the protein in the dairy helps balance the carbs in the fruit, of which berries are considered "friendly" anyway. However, this never worked for me as a breakfast, because my tolerance was especially bad in the early mornings.


Toss all fruit into blender or pourable container (if using an immersible).
Add your liquids (in this case, milk and yogurt).
Add your sweetener of choice.
Blend until nothing solid is left.
Pour a cup and enjoy! Cover and refrigerate any unused smoothie, preferably to be consumed before the end of the day.

Disclaimer: The obvious stuff. I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or medical professional. Just sharing what works for me.

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