Okay, okay. So after years of self-imposed television exile, I have just now gotten around to watching all available episodes of “Gossip Girl” to date. Three seasons worth. Yes, it is indeed very pretty to look at, and that’s all I really needed.

As an added bonus, I was able to chart a fascinating parallel between sales in the hair accessories market and the show’s former headband obsession. Find it hilarious that scarfbands are now in the clearance bin at most stores since they were mostly dropped from the wardrobe department’s repertoire. And am I the only one getting sick of the seeming glut in statement necklaces? I think it’s about time that designers start having an adverse reaction to them and go for a bit of minimalism. Just putting it out there.

And whoever put Serena in those weird “office appropriate” outfits for the last few episodes? The football shoulders from two years ago? The tight white tie-neck blouse that pulled her shoulder seams to her collarbone and showed bralines? Gack.

Hmm. More than a month before we get a new episode. Guess it’s time for me to queue up Vampire Diaries in the media player…

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