So due to a mixup with raiding schedules yesterday, my hunter ended up getting locked out of the Naxx run that she was supposed to attend on Sunday evening. Which was kinda stinky because I’d really hoped to get her a pair of shoulders from that run, but left the door open for another DPS to enter the picture. Another DPS which I happened to have in the form of a newly dinged balance druid. Now, I’d planned to let her cool her fluffy little heels and start gearing slowly, but with a deadline to be performing 2K+ DPS unbuffed by Sunday afternoon, that got thrown out the window pretty fast.


Yeah, that “Quoi? Moi?” look just about says it all.


Auction houses were scoured. Quests were completed. Friends with professions were hit up. And although the Azerothian fashion police might cringe at the resulting ensemble, an 1.85K and rising DPS dummy test says she will definitely be up to par by Sunday. What’s she wearing, exactly? Glad you asked…

Gotta say, that Hat of Wintry Doom is really cracking me up. It’s one of the best 80 blues for casters, true, but the real appeal lies in its utter pimptasticness.

The lumpy-looking Purehorn Spaulders aren’t visually appealing, but they had very decent druid stats and were one of the few things her leatherworking was good for.

A very druidy-green Ymirjar Physician’s Robe was available late last night for a steal, so I snapped it up. It’s rare enough to find a leather robe, and the only other options were boss drops or the expensive tailoring BoE robes, which I do plan to get, but not until I can afford them.

Some Wristguards of Verdant Recovery to stop the gap until something drops from heroics or quests.

Awakened Hanguards, which actually match the Bugsquasher boots I’d previously made, and complement the robe’s color scheme!

The not-so-matchy Deep Frozen Cord, yet another auction house purchase. Along with a pair of Black Duskweave Leggings made by an obliging guildy. Once again, it seems that tailoring items are being given much better caster stats than their leather counterparts, making boomkins dress like mage clones whether we want to or not.

And of course, the Chilly Slobberknocker — the staff that looks like a mace — from the Champion of Anguish questline.

She’s going with a Moonfire-Starfire-Innervate glyph combo that seems to be pretty popular with the raiders. Minor glyphs are staying resto-ish (Thorns, Rebirth, Mark of the Wild) since that we can’t always rely on having a tree around for their buffs. Now, to work out some macros…

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