Druid ding!

My druid hit 80 yesterday, making her my second toon to hit the level cap. I’m feeling especially accomplished with her because she went through her Northrend leveling with no flying ability whatsoever, a self-imposed restriction due to low funds and a desire to prove that flight is a luxury, not a necessity. There was something terribly funny about a giant flightless laser chicken waddling her way through the snowy wastes and giving the middle feather to all the mocking flight-form ravens that whizzed by her.

anoela_lvl74_010909 anoela_lvl77

We last saw Anoela at level 74, still in a mishmash of Outland purples that approximated DPS stats but were not even close to being as fine-tuned as her healing set was. She had just switched over to Balance the night before. Three levels later, she started to get some decent quest rewards to switch things out. She also put her hair up as a concession to the more down-and-dirty job of DPSing.


I’m just fond of that cheeky “my staff is bigger than your staff” look in this picture 🙂

anoela_lvl79 anoela_lvl80

Two levels later, she’s finally started leveling her leatherworking and made herself some nice utilitarian blues in the standard drab Northrend style. This is the first time she’s worn pants since the mid-60s, and it actually is a weirdly exposed feeling after seeing her in long robes for so long. She looks almost like a rogue, except for that staff. Finally, the newly-minted 80 outfit. She only has one level-appropriate piece so far, the Reanimator’s Cloak that I horded from a previously instance on my hunter. It’s definitely time to max out her leatherworking so she can make a nice beginner epic set to venture into heroics with. Stats are in desperate need of tweaking. With 40 hit rating currently, she’ll be lucky if she hits the broad side of a kodo. Still, 80 is 80 and I’m very happy to have her there 🙂


  1. Grats! My moonkin self cheers at you!

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