Breakaway clears 10-man Naxxramas!

On the evening of February 9th, Breakaway cleared 10-man Naxxramas for the first time. We’ve been working at this place for a month and a half now, making steady progress as we learned the fights and geared up our guildies. With barely any experience of the pre-WotLK Naxx, this was truly a new undertaking where we went in cold and scrabbled our way up through practice, determination, and LOTS of repair bills. Considering that the 10-man version has been said to be more difficult than the 25-man relative to the number of players, this is quite the accomplishment. Everybody who has ever raided with us all these weeks contributed to this night and should know that they will all get a chance to sit on a dead lich’s throne in the near future.


The team picture here shows Revanchist (and his ghoul Dirtface-Bonegobbler-Ribgibbler), Wrongwayray (the pally who resolutely solo-healed the whole latter half of one attempt), Dirtythirty (the tank who gave it his all as an emergency healer), Novaz (the superfast battle-rezing tangerine tree), Lucidrose (quite the scary battle mage), Wyldbyll (the freshly-80 priest who was invited, then told “Surprise! Meet Kel’Thuzad!”), Galena (with her faithful old cat Kiisa), Hausen (the tank who is not German), and Cronollo (who is totem-tastic). Also present were Eliseth (the amiable lock who let us go through nearly all of his stones on one boss) and Faing (who unfortunately got swallowed by real life after our first few wipes).

With Kel’Thuzad down, we will now proceed to turn Naxxramas into the happy free-flowing gear farm that it was meant to be. Gear is important because our next challenge looms near — we will be going head to head with Malygos later this week in the Eye of Eternity. Here’s to many more victories, Breakaway!


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