Bebe Tarts

So here’s something that I rather expected to see more results on when I Googled it the other day — bebe tarts! They are cute little pink tarts about the size of your palm. Very much the sugar bomb, but so good with coffee. The boy would go through a box of them if he thought he could get away with it.


An outside shot. The bottom is a crisp pastry shell (like a tiny pie crust) and it is topped off with a thick pink icing and sprinkles.


It is filled with a layer of fresh strawberry jam followed by a layer of sweet pastry cream.

We’ve seen them at every bakery and they always show up at birthday parties or similar occasions. Considering the countless number of pages that obsess over sweet things, I can’t believe these guys haven’t really been mentioned anywhere! So here’s my drop in the bucket 🙂 Try one if you’re ever out this way!


  1. OH! Those look absolutely delectable! I’ve never heard of them before. Are they a Finnish thing?

    • Y’know, I thought they were a Finnish thing because I hadn’t really seen them in the States. But thanks to the help of a helpful Australian (*points up*), I think we’ve tracked down the origin. The pink is apparently a Finnish variation on the two-tone Neenish tart of Australia (or possibly Germany, depending on who you listen to).

  2. I’ve never heard of these, but they sound very similar to Neenish Tarts. Which I always thought was English but is apparently Australian! Anyway yours look awesome. I love all your food posts!

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by — I get all excited whenever one of the LJ crew pops in 🙂 They ARE very similar to Neenish Tarts! I bet that’s where they came from, especially if they became pretty common in England (which isn’t exactly that far away) after originating in Australia. The only difference seems to be that Finnish bakers insist on using entirely pink icing, and I have seen absolutely no departure from that. In contrast, lots of pages on the Neenish seem to insist that they only deserve the name if they use the two-tone icing. As if it stays on the plate long enough that you even get more than a glimpse at the icing, especially if certain sweets-devouring monsters are roaming the kitchen…

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