The Robe, Resurrected.

Right. So a few of you may know that I got my start in costuming with an oddly coincidental yet completely unrelated series of short films. Much of this was owed to my design school counselors trying to find me gigs that would suit my interest in period pieces, and the fact that many period pieces produced by film schools lately seem to focus on racial issues. Whatever the case was, my first few projects as a designer ended up consisting of — and I call them by these names fondly, because I did learn a ton from every single experience — the Slavery film, the KKK film, and the Nazi film.  At which point, many people looking through my portfolio were probably scratching their heads and wondering if I was one of those people with a secret psycho stash of sharp weaponry hidden behind the feather boas and tutus in my closet.

So it was with great pleasure that I was able to give an old costume a new lease on life very recently. A quick dye job done on location in school bathroom sinks, a night of artwork with the gold fabric paint pens, and the aid of three very special costumers later, Billy Joe Bob’s nightgown began its new life adorning the mother of God. As one person said, we’re either going straight to Hell or getting a pat on the back from the guys with the harps, depending on how you look at it.

Before and after:


  1. I kind of love it and want to move just so I can be an assistant or something. (What? I can sew!)

    (I’m totally riding on a high of ‘omg, we actually FINISHED our FILM’ right now. We were pretty convinced at one point that someone had written the script using a cursed object or something, our luck was SO bad.) (Which, btw, makes it very difficult to not laugh yourself stupid when your production teacher starts talking about how luck is a good thing to have when producing. Hah.)

    Of course, now I need to make sure my editors don’t kill each other doing post-production.

    • LOL! Well, if you do come out here, you’re always welcome to come visit whatever project we might be working, darling. And if you’re really unlucky, you’ll be roped into modeling strange outfits for the blog like poor Julie up there 😉

      Totally understand what you mean by the whole production-makes-you-pull-your-hair-out stuff, though. Once again, I reiterate that I am happy to be not in all that anymore 😛

  2. LOL! Now that is some redemption!

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