Mystery Meat: Secret’s in the sås.

Here is another canned delight from Sweden that brought I back from our trip this past December. Given, this one came straight from the grocery store’s prepared foods aisle and not from a gourmet food boutique. The first picture is slightly misleading, since I mixed a bowl of rice into the can o’ stuff. That disk-shaped lump of white matter on the spoon should be a clue, though.


If it helps, here’s what the stuff looks like in the can, prior to being served. Any clearer?


Alright, then. If you’re still stumped, click to go behind the cut…


Abba brand fish balls in lobster sauce! To be honest, it doesn’t particularly taste like lobster sauce, so much as generic shellfish sauce with a generous dose of cream substitute. And the fish balls didn’t really have any particular taste to them, but the texture was oddly satisfying. In that way that only chewy machine-process fish product can be, I suppose. I can totally see this being something you might want to have around for when you’re sick and can’t handle anything other than bland porridge and soups. This might just seem downright exciting at that point. Mental note!


  1. One time I was having dinner with my brother-in-law’s parents-in-law. The Norwegian served up a dish of egg noodles and a white cream-based fish sauce flavored with leftover salmon and SIL’s mother said “What is this sauce?”


    “What’s in it?”

    “Fish things,” was the reply. It’s kind of cuter in Norwegian because it has that extra -e after the K and they have such a strong syncopated rhythm to their words.

  2. One of the tastiest things I have ever eated from a can was a Danish shrimp paste. Spread it on Scandinavian bread. Scrum!

    • Hee. You can get that in tubes here in the supermarket, along with several other fish-related flavors. And yeah, they actually are pretty good, if you’re into fishy spread 🙂 This post is now making me crave the shrimp-and-fish balls in soup that my mom used to make. Will have to see about replicating that one of these days.

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