Mystery Meat: Pâté of Ungulate

Today’s Mystery Meat comes to us courtesy of the specialty foods store in Stockholm Arlanda airport.

Yeah, I know I won’t win any points for classy presentation with these photos, but these were just quick snacks that I snapped pictures of on the way to the table. Were I serving this for guests, I’dve probably chosen a nicer plate, prettier crackers, and encased the pâté in a pastry skin or something. But that wouldn’t have looked as much like a mystery meat, would it? These tasty chunks of pâté were a fine example of native Scandinavian wildlife. That ought to be more than enough hint for most of you. Anybody still wondering what mammals they were made from can peek behind the cut…

Yep, Rudolph and Bullwinkle in a can! “From the untouched wilderness of northern Sweden comes this divine piece of pâté, made with only the finest regional ingredients. Bring home the true taste of Scandinavian purity.” While I’m not sure if it was purity we tasted, there was certainly a healthy splash of wine in that can. These were some of the chunkier pâtés I’ve had, but that’s probably better for showing off the meat. Both reindeer and elk (moose by American nomenclature) are very low-fat meats, so it was definitely necessary to add in extra fats during preparation to give it a richer mouthfeel.

It wasn’t pretty, but it tasted perfectly fine! More than fine, in fact, though it definitely is something where a little goes a long way. I didn’t even look at the calories and really don’t want to know. Tsk to all of you thinking “it kind of looks like dog/cat food” — that’s what almost any pâté looks like, no matter how you dress it up, and that hasn’t stopped it from being exorbitantly priced and sought after, has it? The moose (the second photo in each of these pairs) tasted a little heavier than the reindeer. It was a little darker in color, too. Other than the meat source, these two cans used the same ingredients and probably shared the same preparation processes.

One of these days, I should try making pâté at home. I do have a meat grinder attachment and food processor, after all. Now THAT will be a post to look forward to…

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  1. I’ve visited moose country in North America quite a few times, but I never knew that they called moose ‘elk’ in Europe. Wow, you learn something new every day!

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