Rauma’s September Baltic Herring Market

In mid-September, Rauma really takes on the port city role and has a weekend seafood festival called the Baltic Herring Market. There are other tents selling local crafts and freshly canned produce, of course, but the main attractions are the several large fish booths set up smack in the middle of the event. We went to take a look around last year…


One of the stalls, selling dozens of varieties of pickled fish, mostly herring. Pickling being one of the favored ways of preserving seafood in these parts.


Smoking fish is the other vastly popular way to preserve it. Several different varieties of smoked fish at this booth. We bought a couple of these for dinner.


A booth that was plank smoking their salmon fillets right there and then.


Another view of the big smoking fire. This is the only time I’ve seen this being done — I believe smoking is usually done in a more confined setting, but there’s something so awesomely rustic about just having a giant fire there.

One Comment:

  1. I can bet you money that the last fish pictured was sold as Loimulohi, open-flame salmon, and not as smoked salmon. The method isn’t smoking at all, but just baking it in the heat of open flame, which gives it a certain, outdoor-sy flavor.

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