Going Out: Spinner’s Turkish Kebab, Redux

I last wrote about Spinner’s about this time last year and at the time, I didn’t do much justice to their food presentation. Which really is a shame on me, because the way they set things up when you dine in is much closer to a restaurant than most places with a walk-up counter. To be fair, this was because we lived so close that we often wanted to eat at home and so would get everything to-go. We did take the family in to eat a few times, though, and I remembered to bring my camera with me when I did. So here are the pictures I promised to put up, way back when.


Apologies for the partially eaten appetizer photo — some hungry tablemates got to the dish before I could whip the camera out in time! 😀 More often times than not, when you sit down to eat, the kitchen sends out free sample appetizers for you to pick at. I’m a huge fan of their baba ghanoush (eggplant dip) in the foreground there — which is saying a lot since I usually hate eggplant in my food. I forgot what that finely-chopped spicy tomato dip is called (I think it has nuts in it), but it was really good  as well, though a bit too hot for me to have more than a few dips.


The boy’s sister got this big ol’ doner roll-up.


This was my lamb doner plate, which comes over rice with pita. It always comes with a side of their wonderful hummus and some acili ezme (that salsa-like salad which is perfectly refreshing on summer days). If you’re down to have some of the best lamb doner in the area, seriously, come to this place. They were just telling us earlier this year that — despite already being known for having great lamb — they had started driving out directly to the suppliers themselves on a regular basis to pick out their meats, since they were tired of third parties having a say in what they should use. These guys are hard core about their lamb.


A shish kebab plate that the boy’s mother ordered.


A lonely piece of complimentary dessert, saved for a photo op before it was devoured like the rest of its siblings. It was some sort of coconut-coated chewy thing with nuts and I feel bad for not knowing the names of all these things but I can’t seem to find their online menu anymore. Although they do change things up so often that they’ve likely replaced it with new stuff by now anyways. There isn’t a dessert in there that I wouldn’t take home, though. Mrrr.

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