Ice cream + tea = awesome.

This is one of those things that some people might like to blame on pregnancy cravings, but I know myself well enough to doubt that is true. I’ve definitely been feeling more drawn to ice cream in third trimester than I ever have in recent memory (I’m looking at you, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food), but it’s not like I was ever indifferent to the stuff.


So several weeks ago, I was sitting in the kitchen contemplating ice cream and tea. Mostly that I wanted both, but was trying to decide which would come first. Then at some point, I asked myself, why not simultaneously? Well, why not? I like milk and sugar in my tea, on occasion. I like milk tea and boba, most definitely. I could never resist a Thai iced tea when at a restaurant. Tea flavored ice cream is pretty tasty. So why all the angst when they so obviously WANT to be together? Is there such a thing as an ice cream and tea float? If not, why isn’t there?


A fragrant vanilla black tea for my base, a couple scoops of crème brûlée ice cream, and some vigorous stirring ensued. Just about any ice cream in the vanilla family would probably produce nice results, but the extra caramel in this stuff was especially good.


Looks like a latte, actually. It ended up a bit less sweet than I expected, possibly because I had more tea than ice cream and didn’t use any additional sweeteners, like most of the milky drinks I listed above do. Which is just fine, since I wasn’t looking for a dessert, just a jazzed up cup of tea. It definitely gets pretty foamy when everything is melted together. I gave it a quick zap in the microwave to warm everything up again, since it was a chilly night. Could just as easily toss in some ice cubes if making it in the summer.

So yes. Not exactly a recipe, just an observation. This should be done more often. It will be hereabouts, anyway.


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