Hairy jumping spiders!

These pictures are actually from summer of 2009, but I had to share them with y’all because I really do think this is one of the prettiest spiders that I’ve ever seen. And there are people out there who agree!

I caught him in the doorway of our apartment and was going to let him go in the bushes further away in the parking lot, but took the chance to try out the limit of my camera’s macro settings first. I just love the crispness of its spots and the bright iridescent face. It is a Phidippus audax, or Daring Jumping Spider, native to most of North America. Probably one of the biggest local spiders I’ve ever seen — you could even see his fur if you squinted. The former biologist in me still loves bringing home random critters to examine. T just told to get rid of the thing as fast as humanly possible 😛

One Comment:

  1. Okay, yes, as far as spiders go he’s a handsome specimen. But he’d still end up as goo on my shoe if I found him in my house!

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