Automotive reminiscing.

By the time this posts, I will have my new Finnish driver’s license. Apparently, that will be valid until I turn 70, so no more lines at the DMV for me! 😀 I have to give them my CA DL, but that is due to expire next year anyway, so no real loss. Might just go get a new one next time I’m back in town, so that I have both options open. Did you know that teenagers getting their licenses here have to go through a series of classes and tests that end up costing $1K-$2K? Makes the few hundred spent on private driving lessons back home seem like a drop in a bucket. Then again, insurance and random automotive fees cost much more back in Cali, so it probably evens out in the end.

Anyway, in honor of my new license, a retrospective of the cars of my life. Well, mostly just the ones that I actually got to drive.


This is our current car, a ’97 white Volvo station wagon. T’s dad managed to find us an automatic, which isn’t so common out here, so that I wouldn’t be completely stranded. This car also happens to look like the love child of my past two cars, painted white. Totally not on purpose, but kinda funny.


The car that I left behind when we moved away last year, my silver ’99 Honda CR-V named Guildenstern. Yes, there was a Rosencrantz as well, but I don’t know where it went. This mini-SUV did a lot of heavy work for something never meant to leave city roads, including climbing up precarious mountain paths and driving through dusty ranches amongst cattle. The life of a crew car is not cushy 🙂 It also was featured in a few films earlier in its career, including Vin Diesel’s A Man Apart.


My trusty old ’80 silver Volvo station wagon, the first car ever handed over into my control. This thing went through a lot of commuting and long road trips before finally meeting an unfortunate and early end at the hands of a certain sibling. It was also nicknamed Maude, the Minute Dodo, as a nod to a certain intergalactic smuggler’s starship. Many, many apartment moves were conducted with the help of this fine tank-like motorbeast. It was also a background vehicle and stand-in for one of the picture cars in Never Been Kissed.

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