Coco and the beloved green mouse toy.

A video I took of Coco in late August of 2009, playing with her favorite green felted mouse toy. She was a little over half a year old at the time? The toy was actually almost 2 years old at that point, but Misu never really paid much attention to it. One day, the new kitten was rummaging through the toy box, found it at the very bottom, and it was love at first bite. She carried that thing around with her all the time and we’d find it in the strangest places, depending on where she had been sleeping. It was her teddy bear and security blanket — even Misu knew this and would sometimes steal it when she wanted to tease the younger cat. This is the same mouse toy that I refurbished last month because it was nothing more than a piece of scrap after a year and a half of rough play. We couldn’t bear to throw out the scraps because we knew it would break Coco’s heart. Crochet pattern for what I did upcoming in my fashion/crafting blog.


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