Just call her princess.

Our younger cat, Coco, is a bit on the spoiled and demanding side. I’m sure the Siamese part of her is making itself known that way. She usually prefers to sleep in our computer chairs because they are the most cushioned seats around and usually pre-warmed. It’s not uncommon to get up for a glass of water and come back to find that you’ve been evicted from your chair. In the case of the boy, she even refuses to give up the seat when he sits back in it — she just shuffles to the back and makes him sit on the edge unless he forcible removes her with grease and a shoehorn.

Well, I finally managed to pimp out a chair enough so that her furry majesty is willing to nap in it while the computer chairs are occupied. Two full-length cushions and one queen-sized fur throw folded into a padded armchair made this seat suitable for occasional use:


Brat. It’s next to the heater, the cat tree and the window, for comfortable temperature control, convenient claw sharpening and disdainful viewing of the outside world. I’m half tempted to add a few more sofa cushions and then put a pea under it all to see if she notices….


  1. That’s a kitty who knows her worth, and no mistake!

  2. Hahahaha! Prima donna.

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