Question for folk with multiple cats!

Here’s something I’ve always wondered: Do your cats have their own bowls or do they eat from the same one? I ask because ours always insist on eating from the same bowl.


We started out giving them their own bowls, but the younger one (Coco) would always stick her face in the food first and the older one (Misu — they are 1.5 years apart) would always wait until Coco was done before eating. She just won’t touch the food, even when there is a whole other bowl available. She’d rather queue for the one that’s currently being used.


This doesn’t make much of a difference because they are both eating adequate amounts and we use the same food on both of them, but I always thought it was a little odd. I’ve even seen them eat from the same small bowl simultaneously before — they both seem very comfortable with this sharing routine and are not impatient with each other at all. From what I have read elsewhere, though, this is somewhat abnormal.

PS. Gratuitous cat photos, because I can’t help it šŸ™‚


  1. I have dogs, not cats, but they use the same bowl. We free-feed, though, so there’s always a bowl of dried dog food out. They seem to do just fine – seem to prefer to eat at different times of day anyway.

    (If they’re getting a treat of some type, we do normally split that up into two portions, but that’s mainly because otherwise the one waiting gets impatient. šŸ™‚ )

    • Yeah, we used to do that with our dogs back at my parents’ house, too. Dogs are pack animals, though, so they’d work it out amongst themselves and not be too picky about sharing. Cats, on the other hand, would seem to mostly get annoyed and impatient with each other. Of course, ours are much more friendly and dog-like than most cats I’ve met, but still, it’s kinda funny…

  2. When Giz was around he and Pips would eat from the same bowl. Same went with the cats I grew up with.
    ps…love the gratuitous cat photos because…KITTENS! Soft, fluffy…KITTENS!

  3. I don’t have any cats myself, but my landlady has two and I often feed them when she’s away. They each have their own bowl, but neither of them is picky about which bowl they eat out of, as long as the other cat doesn’t have his face in it at the time. They can’t share the same bowl at the same time without at least one of them having a hissy fit.

  4. Mr. Grey and Mr. Spotty-Orange would only ever eat from the same bowl if Mr. S-O walked away from his and Mr. G decided to gobble his food up as well as his own. And they would NEVER eat from the same bowl simultaneously, mainly because Mr. S-O hates Mr. G. Well, he hates all other cats, really.

    • Hee! I hear boy cats can be more territorial about those types of things. Ours usually don’t eat simultaneously anymore — they did it more when Coco was younger. But they still prefer to wait for each other (and for us too, if it’s mealtime for everybody), taking turns, so that everybody can eat together. I think they just like the company!

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