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Well, just finished watching all nine seasons and two feature films’ worth of X-Files. It took a little over two months. What a trip down memory lane — it’s funny how with some shows, you can remember exactly where and what you were doing when that episode first aired. Of course, it helps that this was one of the only shows I actually watched on its first run — my parents didn’t believe in cable and I didn’t get a recording device of my own until college. Enough time has passed, though, that I feel nothing more than fondness for the show, even the incredibly bad episodes. And boy, were there some whoppers in there. Because I stopped watching halfway through its run, though, everything after _Fight the Future_ was pretty much new to me. A few more observations, in random order.

– Adam Baldwin! Playing a non-comic character! I did a double take at that.

– Oh, Agent Reyes. Where do I begin? She’s less Mexican than an OC Mexican (you know, the ones that live in Cerritos and can’t roll an rr to save their lives), and that’s saying a lot, yo. I visibly cringed when she spoke Spanish. She must have been adopted, that’s all I can say. Y’know, when I first heard that there was going to be a new character with a Hispanic last name on the show, I was all excited and going “woot, minority exposure!” — I would happily have gone on in that belief if I hadn’t watched seasons 8 and 9. In fact, I kind of wish I’d remained blissfully unaware. The Reyes in my mind for these past several years was a kickass, curvy brown girl with a trace of an accent and a sarcastic demeanor. Then there is what I see on the screen — this pallid, underfed poor man’s Sigourney Weaver, spouting some of the most inane logic-flouting theories in the history of the show. I felt a deep, sinking sadness in my little fannish heart. For shame, casting directors, for shame.

– Yep, Mulder’s just as annoying as I remembered. No, I never was a fan, how’d you guess? I did have a huge girl crush on Scully, though.

– Doggett’s actually rather adorable, in that droopy hound sort of way. I could just be vastly amused that the majority of his lines boil down to variations of “You’re crazy. What you’re saying is crazy. Is it break time yet?”

– So, like, was season 9 sponsored by Wilson’s Leather or what? Because all of a sudden, everybody and their mother seemed to have one of those long, soft leather dusters instead of a trenchcoat. Maybe Washington DC has some great outlet shopping I don’t know about, but last time I checked, it’d be awfully hard to pick up an entire wardrobe’s worth of those on a government salary.

I think I’ll stop here. Haven’t yet seen the Lone Gunmen and Millennium episodes I’ve downloaded, so the spin-offs are still on the to-do list.

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