A few years late to the party…

Eeep! I just discovered that I can subscribe to RSS feeds on my Thunderbird. Which, y’know, I’d been using for years. Yes, all that time that I was grumbling over Google reader, I could have just been getting my friendslists and blogrolls sent to me with my email. *facepalm*

However, I have remedied this in one fell swoop today. Okay, a two hour fell swoop, but now I’ve got all my LJ friends on digest and I can finally keep track of all my reading in a much neater and more efficient way. VERY excited, since clicking on ten million links was starting to give me a headache.

Was also a bit shocked to see how many abandoned LJs there are. Then again, chances are they’re all on another host or Facebook or something, right? So just putting a call out there — anybody have other journals or blogs or other platforms with RSS that I should be subbed to instead of your LJ? If so, I’ll pop it on immediately. Now, to catch up…!

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