WTF. Another reason to hate people.

Dear Pet-abandoning Idiot —

Yes, there is a babbling stream running through our apartment complex. Our apartment complex in the middle of a heavily urban area in a desert region where there are no naturally occurring streams. In case you didn’t realize, that means it is not a REAL stream, but one operated by filters and pumps. And that is not REAL water, but a toxic chlorinated cesspool that I would not touch with my toe, let alone allow any aquatic animal to marinate in. Unless you are also the type that enjoys spraying your dogs with acid for a laugh. I hope you realize that by dumping your poor little TROPICAL pet catfish into that stream, you have pretty much consigned it to a slow and gruesome death by poisoning. Please go drown yourself now.

Love, me.

PS. I was afraid it might have swam away by the time I got back out there with a net, but found that it was trying to hide near the filter grating. It has since been caught and is now in a little isolation tank with proper aquarium water. Unfortunately, I will be putting all my fish (now including this guy) up for adoption in the next week because of our upcoming move, but at least he’ll have a chance to go to a real home now.

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